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Love good music? OK GOOD! JOIN!


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Welcome to MUSICFORDUMMIES! – a community for the sharing of music, and general music-love, with much help from yousendit.com.

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Posts should be about what we all live for, MUSIC.

Posts should contain either a music recommendation, a music request or your mp3 list for requests. Rants about how fantastic some new band is are also welcome, so are tour dates and music news.

We’d all like to expand our musical horizons, so if you request a song, aim to recommend a song in your post also!

Posting of albums or entire back catalogues is prohibited. (We want to give people a taste of a band, so if they like, they nip down to the shop and hand over their hard earned cash to those who've worked hard to entertain them a la the principles of capitalism). Please zip larger groups of uploads, it's much easier to download.

Direct-linking of songs is not encouraged. Songs can be uploaded onto- YouSendit (simply go to the site and follow the prompts - post the link given).

Be respectful of other peoples’ musical preferences, and other people as a whole. Don't be an ass. To avoid possible conflict, be aware that this community generally sways towards indie rock. That said, please respect one another all the time, and think about what you’ve typed up before submitting – deliberate hurtful comments or actions will result in banning from our community. (Apart from Simon, obviously). Keep the peace!

 Promotion of other communities is not discouraged, so long as you are only promoting band communities. No rating communites, other music sharing communities etc. please. As most don't like it when we're linked... it's only fair.

It would be much appreciated if all try to be active members (post every so often, comment on posts etc.)

If you’d like to, you may post your own icons, banners, songs etc. Please respect the basic rules of grammar. Musicfordummies does not promote or encourage the sharing of copyrighted files. Should any members choose to participate in file-sharing, the members bear full responsibility and liability. Musicfordummies does not claim responsibility for any of the members, the files obtained, and their activities.

 Pics are allowed, but please note - when posting large or several at a time – or when posting articles, etc please post behind an LJ-cut.

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This community was thought up by - selectronics And is maintained and moderated by, and was created by 3fourtime:  If you have any Problems/Questions/Suggestions/Comments/Concerns/Compliments, feel free to contact selectronics. If we can’t answer your questions, we’ll simply make an answer up.

The wonderful layout is the work of jeanaxbeana

We don't do affiliates.

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This community has no affiliation whatsoever with www.yousendit.com. We list this website on our community journal and info page simply because at the moment it happens to be the most easy to use and valuable tool for the sharing of good music. If there is a problem with our using of yousendit.com and the modified yousendit logo, please contact the moderators and we will do what is needed to correct the situation. All the above also applies to the “for dummies” creation.

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